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Our littles ones grow incredibly fast, and their eyes grow right alongside them. Children need quality vision care focused on their age group, and at West Hollywood Optometric Center, our team provides tailored eye exams for each developmental stage. 

Routine eye care starting from an early age sets our children up for future visual health. Regularly scheduled eye exams can help catch any abnormalities in the early stages, possibly preventing motor and social delays related to vision problems. 

Book your children’s eye exam, and give your kids a great head start on healthy eyesight! 


Toddlers (1 to 2 Years Old)

Your toddler has many critical visual milestones to reach in the first years of life! We recommend that our youngest patients have their first eye exam shortly after their first birthday to make sure that their eyesight is developing correctly. 

Our optometrists will assess overall eye health during their first eye exam, and conduct some tests for nearsightedness, farsightedness, depth perception, hand-eye coordination, and tracking

Your preschooler eye exam will help your optometrists monitor their visual development. At this age, children are developing the critical visual skills required for elementary school. 

At this age, parents can help their preschooler’s visual development by providing activities like stacking toys, locking toys, drawing, and coloring

Healthy vision is a key factor in ensuring our children achieve success and happiness in the school years. Untreated visual health issues can affect your child’s love of learning and often result in fatigue and stress in this age group, affecting schoolwork, socializing, and productivity. 

Visual conditions can mimic attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms, and routine eye exams help avoid misdiagnosis. Our supportive and empathetic team of optometrists is ready to support your young scholars to achieve their goals! 


Give us a call if you notice these symptoms in your school-aged child: 

  • Fatigue 
  • Eye rubbing 
  • Short attention span
  • Eyes turning in or out
  • Complaining of headaches
  • Avoids reading 
  • Holding reading material close to the face
  • Losing place when reading


You can support your children’s visual health by providing them with routine eye exams. You’ll love the care and patience of our staff, and your children will love our friendly atmosphere. (And let’s not forget the incredible selection of kids’ eyeglasses and sunglasses!) 

Total vision health is waiting for your children at West Hollywood Optometric Center.  

Give us a call!

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