[frame src=”http://drmarkchung.com/site2/site2/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/West_Hollywood_-Optometric_dsc_6568.jpg” width=”400″ height=”268″ lightbox=”on” title=”Dr. Mark Chung with a client” align=”right” ]Since opening its doors in November 1986, Dr. Chung and his staff have catered to the specific needs and demands of the community. The community in turn responded favorably to this new optometric practice whose emphasis has always been customer service and excellence. By 1989, the practice had passed its crucial years, and began enjoying the first growing pains of expansion, renovation, and computerization. During this same era, the AIDS epidemic became the central focus of the gay community, as we watched our brothers, friends, and lovers suffer.

Dr. Chung became more involved in fundraising efforts and events for organizations like AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA), and the Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center (GLCSC). During this period, he was approached by APLA to voluntarily examine a few of their clients who were in dire need of eyecare, and he quickly responded. Dr. Chung soon realized that there was a desperate need for quality pro bono eyecare within our community.

Thus, “APLA Day” was born at the West Hollywood Optometric Center.  Since 1989, clients of APLA have been examined at no charge, on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. In more recent years, this service has been extended to clients of Minority AIDS Project, GLCSC, the Jeff Griffith Youth Center, and AIDS Healthcare Foundation.  All examinations are at no charge, and discounts are given on eyewear products. Appointments are required, and must first be authorized by the case worker of the clients’ AIDS healthcare facility.  Dr. Chung and his staff feel very gratified to continue offering this service to our community, and always look forward to being of service to their particular needs.